Copyright notice for Rocks And Reiki

Copyright notice for Rocks And Reiki

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We do not permit anyone to copy any of the articles on this website unless written or emailed permission is given. EXCEPT under very limited situations outlined below.

You are permitted to share articles from this website on your blogs, ONLY if a link back at the bottom of the article is given and proper credit is stated.

Copy and pasting this small paragraph at the bottom of the article is expected for anyone using our articles on their blogs.

This article came from and you can find the direct link of it here. (((this is where you insert the direct link to the page you found the article on)))

If you would like to share our articles on your website, you MUST contact us for permission FIRST!

Being that the nature of this website is generally healing and Reiki information it has been rather disheartening to us to find so many webmasters and fellow Reiki practitioner and teachers just taking the articles that we have taken countless hours, days, weeks and even months to write. One of the Usui precepts is:

Do your work honestly.

We think it is important to bring that up here because this is our work and we have had many people disregard the copyright notice on all the pages and just use our articles without our permission. We hope that this notice will deter people from doing that in the future.

We use a service, as many good webmasters or writers do, to scan the internet for articles that we have written. So if you think you won’t get caught, you are probably wrong, as eventually all things catch up with you, right?

So we ask that you tap into the creative juices of your own and ask Spirit to inspire you to create articles for your website or other printed material as we have done here. Either that or contact us and ask if you can use our articles.

The articles describing the Reiki and other healing modalities, you will likely not be able to use. Starlene has written those articles personally and she feels they come from her personal thoughts and feelings about the

modalities, so she typically does not want to see them used on other websites or publishing’s. You can inquire about any of the other articles though.

We would also like to refer you to the governments US copyright website so you can read about copyrights and how we are protected as soon as we publish our words on the internet. You too are protected once you publish your work too!

We thank you for your complete attention to this matter, it helps us avoid bad feelings and negative energy when we don’t have to discuss this after finding articles of ours online. We have come across many people that have

“unknowingly” taken our work and posted it all over the net, this notice is on every page on our site and we believe it is your responsibility to see to it that you adhere to these guidelines about using our articles.

We have come across a couple people that got angry at us because we asked them to take our work off their website. It is sad to think that they would be angry over stealing something from someone, but then again I suppose when someone is caught doing something they shouldn’t do, anger is a common response!

If we do encounter someone that has not followed these guidelines about our articles, we will first contact them and ask them to rectify the situation quickly and then we will contact the Copyright office to press further action if it is not resolved quickly.

We ask you to respect the knowledge, information, time and

research it has taken us to create these webpages and share them with you for free. So if you like something we do and want to share it, PLEASE SHARE A LINK TO OUR SITE! That way the readers can check out the whole site and other useful articles!

Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Thank You!

Rev. Starlene Breiter RMT & Staff

Rocks And Reiki

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