Gimmmee the Pink fuzzies!! ~~ Awwh Yeah! ;)

Ok, I am going to play with the energy of Jupiter & Venus in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces here,, and tell you all about a term coined by a good friend (and AMAZING astrologer) of mine, Mark Metheny when we were talking about Neptune on my radio show. That, and the picture of pink fuzzies below that my other good friend (and AMAZING astrologer & co-host for my Cosmic Conference radio show) Stevie T. sent me.. They inspired me to write this blog..

So what the heck is a pink fuzzy anyhow??

It might be easier to describe what it isn’t first —-

One of my favorite things to do when I feel devoid of that natural sparkle IE. (pink fuzzies) that I normally radiate is ~ I first acknowledge what is keeping the *sparkles* away. If it happens to be something I can act on – then I get moving ASAP, but if its something that I really can’t do anything about. Then, first – I honor my feelings, (this is really important to me, to acknowledge my feelings) and I take a step back from those devoid-ed sparkles. Then – I surround myself with something that makes me feel gOoD.

In acknowledging my feelings I am allowing myself to honor my human nature and the feelings and emotions we all go through – BUT – I am not allowing them to engulf me in an unnatural or unhealthy manor. By surrounding myself with things that make me feel GoOd — I am allowing myself to take away the typical *mind chatter* that is up in my head, keeping the sparkles away,, and in that I am essentially inviting the sparkles to come back in and have some FUN! ~~ Because I don’t know about you, but when I direct my mind to something I REALLY LOVE, then I can’t help but feel sparkles back in my life!

Sometimes that gOoD thing is a fun, light, happy conversation with a good friend — reading an uplifting book — doing yoga — inspiring myself by reading quotes that uplift my mood — looking at art by some of my favorite artists, or new artists — writing something inspiring (like this!) — creating something with my hands — working out — a lot of the time for me its good funky music — or a drive around South Florida in my convertible… It really depends on my mood on what I might use to help me find the sparkles again, but it never takes me long to find them again!

I know we all get in our moods – its part of the ebb and flow of life, no one is perfectly happy and content all the time. – Think of it this way, if it were the case that we were perfectly content all the time, then we wouldn’t really know what perfectly content is! I actually like to honor that ebb part of the cycle, by allowing myself to deal with situations that may arise and how I can use my intelligence, and guidance from Spirit to work through those situation.

So this I leave you with ~ make a list of things that you like to do when you feel inspired. I shared a bit of my list with all of you in this article, use that as a starting point – but make one that inspires YOU.. And next time you are feeling devoid of those *sparkles* (or whatever you want to refer to your happy side as) – break out the list and GET MOVING!

Key word here is GET MOVING – don’t allow stagnation to take place because that can be your worst sparkle devoid mechanism! Especially for us super fixed people like myself – I am speaking from experience here!

Love, ((huggles)) and lots of pink-fuzzy-sparkles!

~Starlene Breiter