Welcome to Rocks And Reiki

This website for two purposes – 1.To share my love and knowledge of the mineral kingdom with you. #2. To offer my hand selected, reiki blessed gemstones, and handmade jewelry that I make for you.

I am also a professional astrologer, (opens to a new website) Reiki Teacher (opens to a new website) & intuitive tarot reader. ~ You will find many topics of interest to read about on this site, as well as many things to learn and purchase – if you do desire.

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In addition to offering many things on this website, including rocks, gemstones, minerals, handmade candles, reiki attunements, reiki healings, astrology readings & charts, handmade jewelry. — This website is a vast and ever-expanding wealth of knowledge on those subjects. Feel free to look through our shop for the items we currently offer –  and search through the other pages titles Rock Info & Reiki Info at the top too!

Namaste ~ Rocks And Reiki

Starlene Breiter RMT

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